Hot On Top celebrates it’s 2nd Birthday, and we’re bringing you a themed party like no other!


Something for the dreamers…


It’s 1978 in New York city. Disco is alive, the crowds line the streets, all waiting for entrance to one club – STUDIO 54 – a nightclub as notorious as it’s clientele.

You’re dressed, and ready, knowing that 54’s door staff only handpick the most outrageous and fabulous.

You pass, entering into an opulence of extravagant indulgence; performers hang from the ceiling above while all below pulsates in sensations of sex, decadence and allure – the music guides your body.

You could bump into anyone here – Liza Minelli, Grace Jones, Michael Jackson, Truman Capote or even Bianca Jagger (on a horse!) – this was the hedonist’s paradise!
Fast forward to today…

After seeking out the most incredible venue we could find for this sweltering affair. Finally we settled on the palace… Hot On Top will be the first public event promoter to host at both Katy’s Palace and Sir James. Taking over the entire building to recreate Studio 54 in all it’s glory for just one night!

Upstairs, Katy’s will become the famed main dance floor of bright lights, disco balls and a few surprises whilst downstairs at Sir James, things get a little more intimate as the sounds get deeper and dancers seduce.

Line Up



By invitation – keep an eye on Facebook to see which famous face is inviting you to buy tickets to Studio 54

  • Date2016-27-05
  • Time21:00 - 02:00
  • AddressKaty's Palace, 6 Desmond Street, Sandton