Data Takashi has been dropping the pressure on Joburg’s dance floors since 2006. The silky selector’s golden touch was forged in the heat of a dance punk revolution, jogs dialed to the live drums, hand claps and cowbells that remain characteristic to the eclectic Data Takashi pallette. The sleazy purveyor of modern disco spins lights in the underground dance scene across the country, but his name and sound have been honed in the velvety hallows of Braamfontein’s boogie wonderland, Kitchener’s, since 2010. Find this disco beard elevating youruptown vibrations with his cosmic dj delights at Disco De Moda, an increasingly regular date with the disco ball. His celebrated sun dreams Sunday rooftop sets keep the concrete jungle feeling tropical and his robotic temptations after dark perfect the art of hot.

With the wild-eyed wonder of a true fan-atic, the beat’s alive and well with Data Takashi.


  • CityJohannesburg
  • GenreElectronica / Disco / House