Welcome to Pop Art.
This is not about the music. It’s about a creative journey.
We’ve always said that we don’t do this (purely) for the music. We needed an outlet to express ourselves in more than words, and music is the channel we use to do this. Had it not been music, it would have been film, photography, or even sculpture.
The two of us, both so different as individuals, have combined to bring a hybrid of structure and spontaneity to each track, with the result lying before you. This is achieved through the differences in influences as Ricky, the backbone and foundations to the sound, is dance and house based having been a Dj for many years prior to Pop Art. Martin, who brings a more creative colour, stems from an indie electronic musical background that combined with the dance sound creates the hybrid Pop Art.

We could box ourselves as an electronic group, or call our music new aged disco, but there would be no point. We’ve left the door open so that if and when the day comes, we will not be judged against music in that specific genre, but rather on creative expression in each new melodic endeavour.

Do yourself a favour…play that funky music and open your ears, eyes and mind to the new sound.
Yours in boogie,

Pop Art.



  • CityJohannesburg
  • GenreLive Electronic / Nu Disco
  • LabelOutcross Records