Hot On Top #RediscoverJozi Exclusive: Carly


Hot On Top resident and girl-power favourite, Carly, has become a regular fixture at Hot On Top events and joins the lineup for the first Hot On Top #RediscoverJozi event.

We caught up with Carly for an exclusive mix and to hear about her favourite things about Jozi and her experiences behind the Hot On Top DJ booth. Press play and read on!

HOT: Hey Carly, thanks for catching up with us! Last time we hung out was at the Hot On Top 2nd Birthday event at Katy’s Palace. How was your night?

Carly: It was great! I always have a good time at Hot On Top Events. I particularly enjoyed it because I had the opportunity to play alongside great DJs and dance to really fun Disco music. It will definitely be one to remember!


HOT: What have you been up to since this last event?

Carly: Game of Thrones (Just kidding!) – I have been assisting my father in selling some of his secondhand Vinyls, as he has too many to keep. I have also played sets at some of my favourite parties, namely Untamed Youth (CT) and Gin & Juice (JHB).

Carly at Untamed Youth, Cape Town
Carly at Untamed Youth, Cape Town

HOT: It sounds like collecting music is something that runs in your family. How has your family influenced the music that you collect and play?

Carly: Having a family that loves music as much as I do has exposed me to many different genres growing up. This has helped me develop a passion for finding good music and artists, as there are so many that are underrated and unheard of. The main reason why I got into Djing was to share these talented artists with my audiences.


HOT: We’ve noticed that you have an extremely loyal support crew at the front of the dancefloor at most the events that you play. Who are the homies and can we give them a special shout-out?

Carly: I really do have the best support group! I don’t think I would be the same without Andi Tayler, Emilie Swatton-Seymour, Annabel Kimber, Kirsty Sumption, Rae Airey, Kay De Villiers, Kim Cooper, Nicole Shub, Dean Cornwell and of coarse my number one homies Jo Abendanon and Ashleigh van der Berg <3

Carly & 2 of her support crew at Hot Day Out
Carly & 2 of her support crew at Hot Day Out

HOT: Are there any particular songs that stand out for you as go-to favorites for Hot On Top dancefloors?

Carly: I don’t want to single it down to songs but rather artists. RUFUS, Jonas Rathsman, Just Kiddin and Mason seem to win the crowd over everytime!


HOT: We’ve had the pleasure of hearing your music on rooftops, island stages, festival main stages and special events. What has been your most memorable Hot On Top event to date?

Carly: It has to be my sunset slot on the Island of H.O.T stage at We Love Summer! The amazing crowd and venue made it a memorable one for me.

Carly bringing in the sunset to the 'Island of H.O.T' at We Love Summer, Joburg
Carly bringing in the sunset to the ‘Island of H.O.T’ at We Love Summer, Joburg

HOT: We’re excited to have you play at the first Hot On Top #RediscoverJozi event. What can we expect from this event and your set?

Carly: I’m just as excited! This event will showcase a new unexpected venue that I can guarantee will not disappoint, as well as a fresh lineup. You can expect to hear a mixture of the latest in Nu Disco and House music from me.


HOT: Our new event series is all about rediscovering the best that Jozi has to offer. What are some of your favourite things about this great city?

Carly: The thing that I Iove most about Joburg are the people – I love the cultural integration and the unanimous interest in having a good time and meeting new people. I also love being able to go to parties on rooftops -this is where you fall in love with Joburg.


HOT: What do you think is Jozi’s best kept secret?

Carly: Definitely Braamfontein. This is one of my favourite hangouts, not only for its awesome sneaker stores (I’m slightly obsessed), but also for its really cool hidden bars and restaurants. It’s pretty impossible for me to get bored there!


HOT: Thanks for the chat and we look forward to your tunes at the #RediscoverJozi event!

Carly: See you there!

Carly & Alex at Hot On Top, Randlords
Carly & Alex at Hot On Top, Randlords

Join Carly at the next Hot On Top event, 2 September 2016: #RediscoverJozi Part.1 at Constitution Hill